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It's happened to us all: we go into a jewelry store to purchase a ring for ourselves or significant other only to find out further into our years that it no longer fits. What to do?

The solution is resizing. Making a ring smaller is a fairly easy process. It involves cutting a small portion of the band and joining the pieces back together again. After the shape is restored the ring is soldered back together, and then polished.

Increasing the size is a little more difficult. This involves stretching and possibly adding pieces of the metal to enlarge it.

What about the cost you may ask? That depends on numerous factors. Resizing involving cutting costs generally $25-$100 for silver or reducing a gold ring.

Enlarging a gold ring with added metal could run $100-$250 depending on how large it is. Mens rings are genuinely more hefty and cost more than thin dainty rings.

There are certain types of rings that are hard to or impossible to resize. Rings that have a continuous setting of gemstones around the band are very tough to resize. Attempting to do so has the potential to do damage to the stones. So breathe a sigh of relief whether to big or too small the size of your ring can be corrected. And we would be more than happy to do so.

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