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Jewelry has a long and rich history in human culture. From the ancient civilizations to modern society we have always revered Jewelry as a thing of beauty and of class and culture. What makes Jewelry so unique from other arts and crafts is that literally anything can be made into a stunning piece of Jewelry, presuming you have the eye and hand for making it!

Coins have long been used as part of outstanding pieces of Jewelry the world over. Coins have been handed down as medals in the past to the ancient Egyptian soldiers and beyond, and foreign currency has long been a thing of tradition and amazement in years gone by. 

The term for creating Jewelry almost wholly from coins came from the 1600s and is based on the time when men would create Jewelry from coins as a way to impress women. It has grown since then and over four centuries later is still a common part of the Jewelry scene. Small holes were pierced into the coin, allowing for extra intricacy in the quality of the finish of both the coin and the pendant that it would be a part of. Whether it was part of an earring set or a necklace, coin Jewelry has had a long and rich history.

Whether whole or cut, they are still made today. At Alari Design I specialize in creating coin Jewelry using coins from across the world and from many years ago to modern equivalents of our own money today. We deal with many custom orders for clients to ensure that they get exactly what they require.  So long as you can let us know what coin you would like us to use and the type of finish you would require, we can get started right away. 

We use gold, silver and copper coins so whatever your desire is we can create the perfect Jewelry for you. We generally use my electroforming process to constuct my unique version of coin jewerly.  Electroforming litterally constructs the the piece of jewelry at the atomic level with copper, silver, nickel, or gold.   This ensures long-term vitality for the piece so that you can keep it for as long as you wish!

It’s safe to say that the history of coins being used as art forms and in Jewelry specifically has a long and rich history. Whether you are looking to have some custom Jewelry created or would just like to know more about the different styles out there in the world, the rich history and culture of coins and Jewelry combining can really change your perspective on what is and is not beautiful as an art form! 


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