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Author  Laraine Snelling  wearing her Sterling Granny Square Necklace and Earrings.

Alari Jewelry - The Silver Smith meets the Mad Scientist!

I have always been a maker. From an early age I beaded, photographed, crocheted, designed, and planned. Now in my third career as a full-time jewelry artist I have found myself, peace, and joy.

I find myself drawn to organic forms, raw natural gemstones, fused and hammered metals, simple and complex. Perfection in the not so perfect. My most "finished" pieces of jewelry will always show marks from the hands that make it. Some of mankind's earliest pieces of art were beads and other forms of jewelry. I proudly join in this line of craftspeople that help themselves and others express their individuality through adornment.

In constructing jewelry I make use of four rather exotic techniques in my jewelry creation. Electroforming, Metal Fusing, Electrophoresis, and Wire Crochet.

Electroforming , in the simplest terms, is the intricate process of controlling chemically a metal deposit (copper, silver, gold) onto a conductive surface whether it be an organic or inorganic material. This process is similar to plating...but is done over a much longer period of time - and can be anywhere from 4 - 48 hours. Basically a thick “skin” of metal is built up into a rigid surface. I used this technique to make bezels, rings, pendants, and to enhance or improve some of my forged or crocheted wire components.

Metal fusing is the act of creating jewelry out of pure elements such as silver, copper, and gold. Using heat I literally melt the metal together. This eliminates the need for solder, and creates organic and flowing designs. I often use this technique to create bits and pieces for my crocheted or electroformed jewelry as well. I also make use of more traditional metalsmithing techniques as it is appropriate.

I sometimes use a positive form (cataphoresis) of Electrophoresis to adhere nano ceramic particles to my metal creations. This ceramic coating can be clear or in a wide range of colors. The color applied this way rivals glass enamel work, yet the metal retains the look, feel, and sound of metal. Stronger than metal, scratch resistant, and hypoallergenic my nano-ceramic coatings add some unique offerings to my jewelry lines. 

My wire crochet is generally either a dense version of my own creation with gemstones and various other beads, or a plain wire version that resembles knit. I do in fact make used of granny squares in some jewelry! I enjoy the way wire behaves once crocheted, what was once stiff turns into a fluid chain like structure.

I pay attention to function as well as form - much of my jewelry seems rather simple in construction but much energy has been put into ensuring the piece “works,” earrings need to hang right, pendants need to lay right, and everything has to be durable.  

I want you to be happy with your jewelry from the least expensive to the most complex. All jewelry has a life-time guarantee on workmanship.

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