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Electroforming, My process

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Electroforming (my mad scientist technique), in the simplest terms, is the intricate process of controlling chemically a metal deposit (copper, silver, gold) onto a conductive surface whether it be an organic or inorganic material. This process is similar to plating...but is done over a much longer period of time - and can be anywhere from 1 - 18 hours. Basically a thick “skin” of metal is built up into a rigid surface.  I used this technique to make bezels, rings, pendants, and to enhance or improve some of my forged or crocheted wire components.

Copper and its use in jewelry

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Copper is one of favorite metals to use in the construction of jewelry. It is beautiful, affordable, and perhaps the most versatile metal to make jewelry with.  I use copper wire to crochet gemstone ropes, to forge clasps, to knit chains, and for electroforming.


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